For teens also faced with a severe life-limiting medical condition, the transition from childhood to adulthood can be especially challenging. Wish Upon a Teen offers creative social opportunities such as spa days, family outings, new room design and more.

A national, free service of mobile barbers and hairstylists who travel to residences and provide in-home hair care for people who are elderly or disabled.

Triangle partners with schools, community organizations, and businesses to promote integrated school-to-work career training and placement.

Promotes social acceptance through interactive programs, including iCARE (Introducing Children to Acceptance through Reading and Education), funding, and training.

An organization of parents and professionals who advocate on behalf of children with mental, emotional or behavioral specials needs.

Team IMPACT tackles the emotional trauma and social isolation experienced by children facing serious and chronic illnesses by matching them with a college athletic team. Through a two-year therapeutic program hat complements their medical treatment, children develop relationships and skills that help complete the full circle of healing.

TGH School helps Boston Public School parents and caregivers and their children gain access to the skills and hardware needed for 21st century success.

Focuses on developing inclusive home and playground environments as well as recreational activities for children of all ages and abilities; pre-registration is requested.

One-Stop Family Center and Network for Springfield residents offers assistance to families in the community who have a family member with a developmental disability.

Led by Boston Children’s Hospital, Safe Kids implements evidencebased programs such as carseat checkups, safety workshops and sports clinics, to help prevent childhood injuries.

Supplies adults and children in need with a variety of support. We provide clothing, toiletries, gift baskets, career items, school supplies, blankets, toys, furniture, baby items, housewares, etc.

Vital law enforcement tool that finds missing people with Alz- heimer’s, Autism, and related conditions and reunites them with their family members or caregivers.

NORD offers programs to help patients obtain life-saving or life-sustaining medication they could not otherwise afford. These programs provide medication, financial assistance with insurance premiums and co-pays, diagnostic testing assistance, and travel assistance for clinical traits or consultation with disease specialist.

Offers a broad range of services tailored to people with intellec- tual disabilities, developmental disabilities, Autism, and their families including, but not limited to family support and educa- tion, residential programs, performing arts, sex and relationship education, recreation and enrichment activities, behavioral supports, etc.

The Pediatric Cortical Visual Impairment Society was created to further advocacy for children with CVI, heightening public awarness, and promote research and other activities that lead to improvement in vision care for children with CVI PCVIS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Enhances the quality of life for people with disabilities by pro- moting a culture of dignity and respect and ensuring individual- ized services to maximize independence.

Dedicated to providing the comforts of home to families in crisis. Through their home grant program, MBA provides mortgage and rental payments assistance grants to parents and guardians caring for a critically ill or injured child, allowing them to take unpaid leave from work and spend precious time together without jeopardizing their cherished homes

Unites families with their critically ill newborns in the NICU. Works to reduce NICU admissions through prevention, education and research.