Welcome to Family TIES of Massachusetts. Our Parent-to-Parent program connects parents who face similar challenges in raising their children special needs.  We believe that sharing experiences provides strength and support for each other.  The program offers parents an opportunity to speak with trained volunteer support parents through a matching process following Evidence-Based and Best Practices guidelines promoted by Parent to Parent USA.   As an Alliance member of P2PUSA, we can reach out to P2P programs across the country for unique match requests.

Matches can be made based on a child’s special health needs.  For example:

  • Chronic illness
  • Genetic condition
  • Hearing, vision or other impairment

Or other special needs such as:

  • Intellectual, developmental or learning disability
  • Autism
  • Attention deficit disorders

And, matches are also made based on life situations.  A parent might want to speak with another parent whose child has transitioned from Early Intervention or Special Education.  

How Does Parent-to-Parent Work?  The Match offers a chance to speak by phone with someone who has lived experience.  It helps parents realize they are not alone in their parenting experience.  Trained volunteer Support Parents are coached to listen carefully, understand your concerns, and reflect on their own personal experiences in order to offer emotional support.  Our volunteers receive training and are coached to respect confidentiality, cultural and individual differences at all times.  

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