Support Parent Volunteers have experience raising a child with special needs. They may be parents, grandparents, foster parents or other primary caregivers. Support Parents are trained to listen and understand concerns. They offer information and support while maintaining confidentiality and respect for cultural and individual differences.

The success of Family TIES of Massachusetts lies deep in the concept of parent-to-parent support. As parents of children with special needs, our staff and network of volunteers all share a common bond. We know the joys and challenges of everyday life that come with caring for a child with special needs. Our children range in ages and diagnoses, but they all have something in common; they brighten our lives in many ways. The commitment of our team of Support Parents is essential to our core mission to bring together parents facing similar challenges in raising a child with special needs.

Support Parents are the Magic in Our Program!

Are you the parent of a child with special needs interested in becoming more actively involved in the special needs community and connecting with other families?

  • Do you enjoy talking with other parents?
  • Are you able to relate to special needs in a positive manner?
  • Interested in sharing lived experiences? 
  • Able to “LISTEN” carefully with maturity and empathy?
  • Are you open-minded and non-judgmental?
  • Are you able to provide support through two phone calls?