A transitional program that provides daily structure for young adults with psychiatric disabilities. Daily structured groups to help build pre-vocational, vocational, educational and life skills.

Children will be instructed on arena riding, games, interaction with horses, grooming, touching and tacking. Also offer Hip- potherapy with a professional OT.

Empowers adults with developmental disabilities to make meaningful life choices. Offers a variety of services that provide opportunities to live, work and socialize in the community.

Information specialists housed in offices throughout the state are linked to their own comprehensive database and are avail- able to assist and direct families to local services. Statewide Hotline: 211.

Services include counseling, play therapy, cognitive- behavioral therapy; parent and school consultations, and summer pro- grams.

Triangle partners with schools, community organizations, and businesses to promote integrated school-to-work career training and placement.

MBTA’s paratransit service; provides door-to-door transportation to those who are unable to use public transportation because of physical, cognitive, psychiatric, or sensory disability.

Promotes advocacy skills for individuals and families, provides training and consultation to Autism professionals and parents in China and those planning to work in China.

Mission is to provide year round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and youth with intellectual disabilities in the Boston/Metrowest area.

Recreational and skill building activities for children and youth with disabilities summer camp, horseback riding, after school and weekend activities.

A parent-led sensory gym giving children with special needs a safe, fun, indoor area where they can play and accommodate their sensory needs.

Services include residential, day, habilitation, and vocational training, including the ASCENT Advocacy, Social Skills, Career Exploration, Networking and Transitions-after-school program for individuals ages 14-22.

Provides a variety of services for a network of parents, profes- sionals, and friends. Services include: social and recreation opportunities, workshops, public education, parent and sibling support groups, advocacy support, and respite.

Offers education, resources, and in-person activities and events for young people coping with serious illness, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell disease, and metabolic and mitochondrial disorders.

Assists families to affordable housing; regional provider of rental voucher assistance to disabled, and low/moderate income resi- dents of Boston and 29 surrounding communities.

ILCs are controlled and directed by persons with disabilities for the purpose of empowering people with disabilities to take con- trol of their lives. Advocacy services, information and referrals, peer counseling, and independent living skills training.

Free legal services for those that are income-eligible. Represents disabled children and adults who are denied social security ben- efits and special education services.

Supports families of young children and expands access to affordable, quality early childhood education. Funded by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. MECA is administered by its Lead Agent, Discovery Schoolhouse, Inc.

10 program centers offer a wide range of assistance through education, advocacy, flexible services, and respite options Emergency Respite Care, Specialized Foster Care-for children and adults.

Services individual’s emotional and/or behavioral challenges, providing outpatient, residential, and academic services Ther- apeutic Mentoring and In-Home Therapy services through the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI).

This program at Triangle, Inc. empowers people with disabili- ties and organizations to prevent abuse and promote healthy relationships.

Variety of programs to support all children, of all ages. Coun- seling, after-school programs, parenting supports available. Also hosts a respite program to offer hourly or overnight care for children who are HIV infected or affected.

A transitional residential program that supports up to eight young adults in their quests to live independently, despite learn- ing or physical challenges.

A non-profit therapeutic riding program offering equine thera- pies and utilizing a ramp and mounting block to enable individ- uals with a variety of disabilities to mount a horse easily.

Offers housing in family, individual shelter units, and transitional housing in Boston, Cambridge, and Medford. Also maintains Community Legal Assistance Service Project.